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Please fill out & submit this form if you wish to have your child withdraw from a class.

Must submit an Online Drop Request by the 20th of the month prior to their requested drop month.

When a request is processed you will receive an email confirmation.

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Due to the fact that After School is billed on a weekly basis, there is no change in price if a class is missed. This includes if a child is sick, away for a class field trip/sporting event, or on vacation. Parents MUST Email or Text (386)668-7234 when children are absent from school and do not need to be picked up. We are very cautious about making sure all students are accounted for at the school. If we are not sure, then we must go to the front office to find out about the child. This inevitably makes us late for our next pick up or class. a. First offense: Parent will be called with a friendly reminder b. Second offense, ect.: A $20.00 fee will be applied for the second and every time after.
It is the parents and students’ responsibility to make sure the child has the appropriate clothing for the class they will be participating in on each day. Gymnastics: Leotard for girls, shorts for boys. Jeans are never acceptable attire for any classes we teach, including open gym. Long hair must be worn up (this includes boys). NO jewelry is permitted with the exceptions of post earrings (No hoops). Please note that your child will be physical EVERYDAY at RAD, at the minimum; please pack at least gym shorts and shirt. Your child should be bringing clothing in their backpack EVERYDAY.
School Holidays:
During school Holidays, Teacher Duty days, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Veterans Day and Presidents Day, there will be NO After-School Pick-up. There will, however, be a full day of camp offered. The cost of this camp will be discounted for the Monthly ASP participants. The fee for a day of camp is $50.00 and will be discounted to $25.00. There will be NO camp discount for those who pay weekly tuition. During Multiple days off: Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Break tuition will be Pro-Rated for the partial week or not charged for full weeks off. We will offer Camps for the entire time out of school. In this situation there will be NO discounts offered for the week of camps.
Inclement Weather:
If a weather event such as a hurricane is to happen or if we do not have power, there will be No After-School Pick-up. In this situation there will be No discount for tuition for that week.
We DO NOT allow ANY type of electronics besides those required for school work. Our goal is to keep your children active and not transferring them from the couch to a gym mat. This will also reduce the arguments about sharing personal games, as well as, losing games and devices. If a device is needed for schoolwork, arrangements can be made.
Below please list any allergies or medical concerns RAD Gymnastics should be aware of. Please be as detailed as possible.
Below please list any special requests and/or notes you would like to convey to the After School staff including the time and class type you would like your child to have. Please note that it is not a guarantee that we will be able to get your child in the requested time and class type, however if we are unable to we will place your child on a waitlist.


AND I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of the above referenced activities and the Minor’s experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activity. I understand that I am signing this document regarding my child who is named below and that all which is written above applies to this agreement with regard to my child and/or other children who I am signing for below.