Our tumbling course focuses on mastering beginner level tumbling skills that can be used for cheerleading tryouts. This class endeavors to create a strong foundation in skills like cartwheels, roundoff, handstands, back walkovers, front walkovers, and backhandspring basics. All these skills are to prepare your kiddos to try out for a cheerleading team. We will also work jump techniques for skills such as toe touches. Coaches will use positive mindset coaching—we care deeply about your children and their emotional well-being as well as the skills they need to succeed in their sports.


Ages: 6+
Time: 55 Minutes; 1 class per week
Cost: $93/Month


Tumbling is all about developing confidence in your kids prior to cheer tryouts. We offer a safe space to learn their cheer tumbling skills, especially to improve body strength for mastering the backhandspring. Our course, also, employs that safe space to help our athletes to flourish socially and emotionally. We want our athletes to feel powerful in mind and body—using a positive mindset coaching style enables our coaches to encourage, lift up, and physically build up our athletes. We are here to help them believe in themselves, to overcome fears, to know how amazing they can be.

Intermediate Rec

6 Years +


Rec Intermediate focuses on the continued growth of the foundational skills of gymnastics, while also introducing new skills.


6 Years +

Our tumbling course focuses on mastering beginner level tumbling skills that can be used for cheerleading tryouts.

Boys beginner rec

6 Years +

Rec Beginner Boys focuses on providing a strong foundation in the core skills to build for future levels. This course provides education in the basics of gymnastics.

Parent Tot / Tiny Tot

18 Month - 5 Years

Parent Tot and Tiny Tot serve as a great place for your kids to begin their growth with RAD Gymnastics.

Beginner Rec

6 Years +

Rec Beginners is where students learn the roots of gymnastics: the basics skills such as cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, skipping
and sprinting.

Cheer Classes

6 years +

RAD Gymnastics Cheer Classes are for students who are new to cheerleading and/or who want to learn about all-star cheer without the full commitment. Coaches focus on teaching the fundamentals with proper technique in the areas of: basic stunting, jumps, tumbling, flexibility, and motions. Students will have fun learning new skills and working as a team.