Our Bungee and Trampoline class embodies a growth mindset; we focus on the whole child with engaging, jumping centric courses. The Bungee and Trampoline class improves proprioceptive awareness and provides sensory feedback. This in turn reinforces air awareness for improved flipping and tumbling. The low impact skill learning helps prevent injury and includes conditioning on handstands. Bungee skills attained include limbers, front and back walkovers, back handsprings, and beginner flipping skills. Trampoline skills focused on are front and back drops, knee drops, seat drops and beginner flipping skills.


Ages: 7yrs +
Non Gendered
Time: 55 Minutes; 1 class per week
Cost: $90/Month


Our bungee and trampoline courses help your children improve proprioception in their inverted skills, but also, the class is about the mental well-being of our students. Physically, they develop overall better strength in handstand shapes, as well. Emotionally, the course aims to reduce the fear of flipping skills both forwards and backwards by providing a safety net. Gymnastics and cheer require difficult skills—actively and positively working on the mental fortitude to master them is very important and necessary for athletes. The benefits of both physical and emotional strength are vital to any athlete and especially to growing gymnasts.

Classes coming soon! Check back for registration.

Intermediate Rec

6 Years +


Rec Intermediate focuses on the continued growth of the foundational skills of gymnastics, while also introducing new skills.


6 Years +

Our tumbling course focuses on mastering beginner level tumbling skills that can be used for cheerleading tryouts.

Boys beginner rec

6 Years +

Rec Beginner Boys focuses on providing a strong foundation in the core skills to build for future levels. This course provides education in the basics of gymnastics.

Parent Tot / Tiny Tot

18 Month - 5 Years

Parent Tot and Tiny Tot serve as a great place for your kids to begin their growth with RAD Gymnastics.

Beginner Rec

6 Years +

Rec Beginners is where students learn the roots of gymnastics: the basics skills such as cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, skipping
and sprinting.